A Giggle Can Wiggle Its Way Through A Wall

by James K

Released 1998
Rivertown Records
Released 1998
Rivertown Records
Upbeat folky pop music for kids that the whole family can enjoy; parents will appreciate the wholesome, healthy messages comunicated in a fun way.
"A Giggle Can Wiggle Its Way Through A Wall has been awarded a Parents' Choice Silver Honor seal for its outstanding contribution toward enriching the lives of American children." Parents' Choice Foundation

"James K is a troubadour for our time, one the whole family will enjoy." Homefires: The Journal of Homeschooling

"A Giggle Can Wiggle is a strong debut offering powerful self-esteeming messages in a playful setting, melodically catchy and lyrically sophisticated. Kid tested, kid approved." Sonoma County Independent

"Your voice is wonderful, your songs are delightful, your delivery is perfect, we love your music." Librarian, Petaluma, CA

"Your CD staved our trip to Vancouver. Every time the kids got unbearable, we put your music on and soon everyone was singing along and having fun." Mother of Two

"Indeed, A Giggle Can Wiggle Its Way Through a Wall effervesces with genuine sentiment without trespassing into the tar-pit of schmaltz. K's songs are sincere, relevant and often humorous." Daedalus Howell, Petaluma Argus Courier